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The Collection

For this first collection, made entirely in France, we have designed 5 dresses and 4 blouses with, for motivation, the search for a timeless beauty.


Each piece of the collection will seduce you by its subtle originality -- sensual and feminine; every detail was thought with the utmost care, and each garment is made from the best of cotton.


Far from the fast-fashion, we are inscribing ourselves within a concept of timelessness, with the sole desire to offer to women, our clients, the best of our know-how.


We make a daring bet, to present this first collection still in the form of drawings, so that, as of today, the Hermel Delor clothing that you choose becomes unique in your wardrobe, for you will have seen it be born and developed! It's a magical experience! This incredible moment when you see your design come alive ... an indescribable feeling of joy, a bit like a child's birth after 9 long months of waiting; and we want to share some of that happiness with you, for whom we have dreamed this collection.


Our workshop is currently developing this collection and we will share, very soon, with you, the first pictures of these precious gems!


Valerie & Yves

The Story

Hermel Delor took shape over the months, when the partners in life and work that we are have realized, by juxtaposing our respective designs, that, from both of our personalities and creative journey, could be born a new label, of a refined style, full of minimalism, with studied and innovative cuts; a fresh new look, classic in appearance, but, upon closer, filled with luxurious details, subtle and elegant... Details that signs our creations in the most beautiful of possibilities.

A collection for a sensual woman suggesting all but shows nothing, never.


A design Hermel Delor is revealed from the very first fitting, very modern, spanning the seasons without ever losing its aura... We create timeless collections for Women, in search of beautiful clothes which distinguish them from the outset by their luxurious and unique allure.

We vindicate a rigor of the cut and careful attention to the detail imagined and produced so that our creations become timeless of any wardrobe which will welcome them.

Dreamed in french

A Pret-A-Porter


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